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Dear students and parents

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I am Mr Sebastian Lim. Getting your A in Chemistry is not hard. Let me help you with the short cuts I have developed in my years of teaching. At Seb Academy, concepts are broken down into simpler terms to help you master the subject.

With the 2018 O level chemistry syllabus switching from SPA back to practical-based exams, you might find it a struggle to understand and bridge the different topics and score for Chemistry. I teach real-life application in concepts, from supermarket aluminium foil, to biopolymers used in medical surgery to help you see Chemistry in a different light.

I enjoy teaching Chemistry with these examples so that you would see the importance of Chemistry in our lives, and apply these concepts to acquire your distinction in Chemistry. With 5 years of teaching experience under my belt, and strong academic results from Hwa Chong Institution, and B.Sc. (Hons) from NUS with a double major in biomedical sciences and management, and a minor in technopreneurship from Tsinghua University, Beijing, you would find the lessons insightful and apply invaluable tips towards excelling your examinations.

Above academic matters, I wish you a pleasant time looking through my posts on chemistry applications, and examination tips.

Best regards,

Mr Sebastian Lim

Mr Lim is the most passionate tuition teacher I have ever had. He has improved my grades from a C to an A in a year. His notes are extremely effective for revision as they show the links between different topics, helping me see the bigger picture and strengthen my concepts.

Rachel (2017), Cedar Girls, IP

When my son was first taught by Mr Lim in Term 2, he had a C5 for Sciences in Chemistry. After 1-2 months of Mr Lim's lessons, he managed to get a B3 in a class test. From then onwards, he got A1s for both his tests in Term 3 and Term 4. Mr Lim is a very responsible and caring teacher who has indeed helped my son to improve his Science grades. He understood my son's weaknesses very well and helped him improve in those areas. I would recommend him to any students who need to improve their Science results.

Helen (2017), Parent

Mr Sebastian has taught O-level Physics and Chemistry to my son. He is very dedicated and knowledgeable Tutor. He has given an intensive coaching to achieve A1 grade in both subjects. Thank you very much.

Thajudeen (2017), Parent

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