Testimonials From Students

Teacher's Day Well Wishes

“ Happy Teachers’ Day!
Thank you for teaching me chem for the past 1 year. I genuinely would not have passed chem without all your booklets and notes! The chem bible is really my bible before exams :) I’m really grateful that you reply to all our whatsapp messages so fast and prepare all the very useful worksheets and questions for all of us, these really help.
Happy Teachers’ Day! ”

“ Dear Mr Lim, thank you for being such a dedicated and caring teacher. Even though you are a tuition teacher, you have never failed to go the extra mile to be of the best help you can for each and every one of your students, working much harder than some of my school teachers! XD Your unwavering support and endless dedication never fail to inspire students. It is because of you believing in us that gives us the inner drive to press on to succeed.

“ Dear Mr Lim,
Happy Teacher’s Day!
Thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into teaching us this year, from tirelessly sourcing for and compiling questions for us to practice, to answering any questions we have patiently! Thank you for making lessons engaging and easier to comprehend, and I have really enjoyed your Chemistry lessons!”

“ Dear Mr Lim,
Thank you for teaching me Chemistry since last year! I used to fail Chemistry in Sec 3 but now it’s one of my favourite subjects, thank you very much for helping me. I’m very grateful I started going for your classes, it really changed how I view the subject. I hope these teacher’s day clips make the teaching life easier!”

“ Dear Mr Lim,
Thank you for being an inspiring and interesting teacher! You’re chem god in all our hearts. I used to dislike Chem immensely before I joined this tuition but now I’ve improved so much because of your guidance and encouragement :) your encouragement makes me want to work harder!

“ Dear Mr Lim,
Thank you for the constant guidance and help you have given me in the past two years. I’m very grateful for all your encouragements along the way. Really appreciate the time and effort you put in to help improve our chemistry and I enjoy your lesson a lot!!”

“ Dear Mr Lim,
Happy Teacher’s Day
I’m really grateful for your guidance & patience + thanks for making lessons so much more interesting. Thank you for everything! May God bless you loads ”

“ Mr Lim,
Thank you so much for your guidance in Chem so far! My understanding has greatly improved and I’m very thankful for you! May God bless you and grant you the desires of your heart! May He be with you in the year of the Latter rain! Happy Teacher’s Day!! :)”

“ Dear Mr Lim!
Thank you for being a very patient and dedicated chem tutor. Through your lessons I am able to understand chem better and have even started to appreciate the subject! Also, I appreciate that you always take time to explain the concepts that I don’t understand and that you always encourage us to ask questions no matter how ridiculous or small they may be. I promise to work hard this year for chem O levels and I am glad to have an amazing chem tutor like you to support me through this journey. Furthermore all the best for your future endeavours!”

“ Happy Teacher’s Day Mr Lim!
Thanks for teaching me Mr Lim. I have never seen a teacher that is so multi-talented before; you’re good in almost everything; chinese, math, science, being buff as fish and good at dancing. :)”

“Mr Sebastian Lim is an unbelievable tutor! Being his pioneer batch of students, he has helped me unconditionally when i appealed for A math during my final year of secondary school. He helped me obtain a B3 learning a 2 year subject only within 8 months! In fact he has been mentoring me even now as I am attending college in the U.S. Giving me advises and guidance for my senior thesis despite his hectic schedules. Mr Lim would not only be your tutor, he will also be your mentor giving you sound advice when times are hard. He is willing to research and find ways to handle various students that requires different styles of learning. He can make the lesson very interesting and understood easily.”

Remarks: Kipling who is currently pursuing his Master’s program in Hong Kong, regularly contacted me for consultation over college school work while at Carthage College, WI, USA. He was on the Dean’s list for 4 consecutive semesters during his college education (2015-2017). It is my pleasure to inspire students to learn, develop habits towards learning and inspire others to do the same as well.”

Mr Lim is the most passionate tuition teacher I have ever had. He has improved my grades from a C to an A in a year. His notes are extremely effective for revision as they show the links between different topics, helping me see the bigger picture and strengthen my concepts.

“When my son was first taught by Mr Lim in Term 2, he had a C5 for Science. After 1-2 months of Mr Lim’s lessons, he managed to get a B3 in a class test. From then onwards, he got A1s for both his tests in Term 3 and Term 4. Mr Lim is a very responsible and caring teacher who has indeed helped my son to improve his Science grades. He understood my son’s weaknesses very well and helped him improve in those areas. I would recommend him to any students who need to improve their Science results.”

“Mr Sebastian motivated me to gain interest in all sciences and as well as other subjects even though he only taught me Chemistry and Physics. He made the lessons very enjoyable and taught me to understand important concepts compared to memorizing them. He also explained the concepts with practical experiments. Indeed, he has made me an independent student. Thank you very much Mr Sebastian.”
“Mr Sebastian has taught O-level Physics and Chemistry to my son. He is very dedicated and knowledgeable Tutor. He has given an intensive coaching to achieve A1 grade in both subjects. Thank you very much.”

“One thing I’ll miss about Mr. Sebastian Lim’s lessons are the fun experiments, something that no other tutor has been able to provide. His notes are also incredibly detailed and very helpful which has definitely boosted my knowledge in the sciences. He’s also been able to focus on my weaker points, and drill me lesson after lesson until they’ve become my strengths. I can safely say that he’s helped me improve greatly.”

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